Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reflective Blog Entry

Since I entered the DLC7:) at the beginning of the school year, I think I have grown and changed a lot, mentally and technology wise. Mentally, because I used to be always stressed about projects and now I think I seem to be calmer and just have a more calm atmosphere around me. When I first entered the DLC, I didn't know much about technology and did not have a lot of experience with it. Changing has been a gigantic part of the DLC because I definitely have had to adapt to all of the new technology tools that we have been using.

My proudest moment in the DLC7:) would have to be when I came in one day and saw that the Stephen Crane project A was given to my group. I was very proud because I had put a lot of work into the glog and I really thought that it was amazing, but another group would get the A. I know that my group put time and effort into their parts of the project too.

I think that the most challenging assignment in the DLC7:) was the causes of the civil war project, mostly because of how long it had to be. This project came out to be pretty good in the end, mostly because I had to put a lot of time into it. I wanted to really impress everybody, but it didn't work out in the end, although I  had created a pretty good finished product. It was also challenging because there were a lot of causes and I had to pick the main ones. There was a lot of research to do, then put it  into my own words. I think my project came together pretty well in the end.

My favorite moment in the DLC7:) is the same as my proudest moment, but my favorite project was the Stephen Crane project because we could choose what we wanted to do, and how we presented it. I was very glad that Block I got to redo the project. My favorite part of the project was the poem with the ken burns affect for all of the pictures.

My hopes for the second semester for myself would be to make sure that I often want to make my projects better. I'm not sure if I'm a perfectionist, but I do seem to think that I can always make something better. I don't show it on the outside, but I really want to make everything better. An expectation that I have for many people in the DLC7:) is to goof off as much. An expectation for myself would be for me to keep straight A's and put all of my effort into my projects.

I hope to have a great second semester and get to know the afternoon DLC7:) better.


  1. I think that this post told me something about you. I always thought you were someone who didnt care about school, who would always slack off. When i read this, i thought about those times and realised, you never were slacking. Your stephen Crane project deserved that A!

  2. I think this was an honest and true post that told us about you. It is great that you always have this desire to make your projects better. You have gotten much calmer as the year progressed. I think you will have a great second semester and I am looking forward to working with you.

  3. I think it's great that you have changed so much because some people do things to change and don't and the fact that you changed without trying is pretty epic! I wasn't all too good with tech also so I know where your coming from there. I also stressed out about projects when I was in earlier grades too. This is an amazing reflection and I hope you make your projects great!

  4. Robert,
    Thank you for the great feedback. I have met a lot of people who get the wrong impression about me, but its not a problem at all. I want to try to be more open about myself, but its sometimes hard. Most people who really know me don't get the wrong impression, but if they have just seen me, then I can't tell what they think. Thanks again for the positive feedback! :)

  5. Ben,
    Thank you for the positive feedback. I tried to be honest about myself, and for me, writing about myself isn't that hard. I have the desire to make my projects better, but I don't want to make a perfectionist out of myself. I know that a lot of people want to work with me because I have seem nice, well at least in the morning DLC anyway!

  6. Devyn,
    I have tried to change and adapt, but not much. I think that if change needs to happen, it will come when it wants to. You might have to help it along the way, but it is pretty strong itself. Changing hasn't been that easy, but it has helped me a lot. I know that most people in the DLC7:) didn't work with macs before, so that is pretty relatable. Stressing about projects is definitely not easy, and I don't want to sound conceded, but my projects usually turn out pretty good. I do put a lot of effort into my projects, but I do know that many people do. Thanks for the feedback! :)